Pool Renovations & Remodels

Give Your Pool an Upgrade

Fall in Love With Your Pool Again

Re-Finish Your Pool Interior

We use the best pool interior products. Most come with a 20 year warranty. Our favorite pool finish is PebbleTec. They provide unique, personalized pool experience designed to enhance outdoor living spaces with amazing pool water features.

Add a Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a ledge or shelf in the pool that extends several feet, usually giving you enough space for one or more pieces of furniture. It’s typically only deep enough to keep you cool, meaning you’re not actually going to swim or float in it. It’s a really cool way to keep well, cool, during the summer.

They can be added to the existing pool or you can convert that spa/hot tub that never gets used.

Update Your Tile & Coping

Just as much as your pool interior can shift, crack and fade – so can your tile and coping. Let’s face it, Texas is HOT and it can knock the shine right off a 20, 30 year pool. BUT, there’s a solution – renovate. Most people renovate or remodel their kitchen every 10 – 15 years, but a pool can handle a few more.

Upgrade Your Pool Lighting

Pool lighting has changed over the last few years. Now you can get super efficient LED lights that stay cooler and last longer. You can even get color changing LED pool lights that can be controlled remotely! 

Fall in Love With Your Pool Again

Upgrade Your Pool Equipment

Over time your pool equipment can fail, especially if it hasn’t been maintained. You can replace some components too. But if it’s a really old model or even an obsolete model, you are better off replacing AND upgrading it. The newer pool equipment runs more efficiently so over time, you will actually save a few dollars.  

Renovate Your Pool in 3 Steps

Remodeling your North Texas swimming pool can be painless.

1) Free Estimate

Schedule a time for us to come out, inspect your pool and find out what you are looking for.

2) Pick Your Elements

We are a showroom on wheels. We have lots of pool interior, tile and coping samples in the truck. 

3) We Get to Work

We will find the earliest time to come out and renovate your pool with the elements you picked out. Turnaround is typically a few days. 

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